Why I decided to partner with Zack Krone

Idaho Auctioneer

By Larry Flynn

Nearly a decade has passed since meeting Zack Krone for the first time.

It was at an event in Southern California and Zack impressed me by his professional yet personal manner.

He was a polished ingredient of a well-put-together man that had charisma, humor and compassion for non-Profits all in one package.  He reminded me of me!

Fast forward to 2021 and we see the same charismatic and compassionate man, however, he now has a decade of experience  and is a husband and a father, too!

He is also an ethical and straight-forward professional Benefit Auctioneer, Event Planner and Producer and so much more.

For me, a partner is someone that shares similar values and ethics when it comes to personal and professional life.

How we approach others, how we treat others and how we help others is our common goal.

I am proud to call Zack Krone my friend and business associate.

The merging of two non-profit fundraising industry influencers is very rare indeed.

Both of us have enough combined experience across all types, levels and styles of event fundraising

to write a series of books or create hours of podcast entertainment and fundraising guidance.

For so many reasons, a partnership with Zack Krone will be beneficial for us both, but, more importantly, it will be beneficial for the Non-Profits that we are honored to partner with in the world of fundraising.

Idaho Benefit Events is the culmination of two very compassionate teams of people that believe in the power of “all-in” when it comes to the task of raising funds for the Mission’s of the Non-Profit organizations we represent.

Idaho Benefit Events is the answer to your fundraising challenges, especially in the times we are living in today.

We have the experience of successful in-person and “live” events as well as the hindsight and experience of conducting nearly 70 virtual fundraising events in 2020.

The doors are now open to the many solutions available to keep your Non-Profit Organization alive and well and to have the ability to continue the important Mission of your work.

Whether in-person, online and virtual or a combination of all, Larry Flynn and Zack Krone are your connections to the future of fundraising for your NPO.  We are here to offer solutions to the challenges your organization faces every single day of the year.

Call or write to us today and let’s chat about your fundraising needs.

It won’t cost you a thing and may open your eyes and your Board to the many choices and possibilities we represent.