Benefit Auctioneer = Successful Benefit Auction

Idaho Auctioneer

Your time is valuable. Your effort is valuable. The success of your auction is very valuable. You need a great timeline and a great auctioneer to help you through this process.
Never under estimate the heart of a volunteer. You are an event organizer and have undertaken a vital and important task to successfully construct an event that can make or break the success of your organization’s goals and aspirations for the entire year. There is a lot of weight on your shoulders. There are so many working pieces. From donors, underwriters, volunteers, venue, catering, entertainment, websites, pay pal, check in and check out, budgeting, accounting, parking, photography, sound and lighting…the list goes on and on.

So how do you take a big jumbled mess and organize it into a night of fun filled entertainment coupled with the utmost important aspect of creating an event that is conducive to generous giving? Well, you hire a benefit auctioneer. That is step one.
A benefit auctioneer unlike any other brand of auctioneer is not someone who will just show up on the night of event, eat dinner, conduct an auction and try to leave before the valet line becomes too crowded.
A benefit auctioneer is one part auctioneer, one part entertainer and one part event coordinator. They will guide you through the process, focus your energy, save you time and raise you more money than you ever thought possible. A good benefit auctioneer is with you every step of the way. From your first board meeting to your wrap out. We empower you with the knowledge to navigate your way through prioritizing and streamlining your pre-production meetings and making not only you but the entire staff capable of acting and operating interdependently without the need for you to waste your time making sure the job is done right. Our first priority as an auctioneer is to protect your interests and create an event that is engineered to raise as much money as possible.
You are probably asking yourself questions like, “How long should the silent auction be?” “Do you serve dinner after of before the auction?” “How many volunteers should be selling raffle tickets?” “When do you close the raffle?” “How long does it take to conduct an auction?” “We have a band, should they play before or after the auction?” “We have a guest speaker, how long should their speech be and where should they be placed in the program?” “Maybe if we do the auction first then the guests can just enjoy the party afterwards?” “How many people do I need to work the registration tables?” “How many silent and live auction items should we have?” “Where should we put the bar?” How do we move guests from one room to another?” “How do we avoid a bottleneck at check out?” What if someone leaves early and doesn’t pay?” “What is a Fund A Need and how does it work?”
Step Two is your timeline. Every little aspect of your event is a living and breathing entity that should and can be maximized to its fullest potential and augment every other aspect. A focused, concise and detailed timeline of a nearly minute by minute breakdown created in conjunction with your auctioneer to ensure that your guests are always comfortable, always entertained, never bored, never tired and exist in a mindset of happiness and generosity. I will give this to you. I will answer all of your questions and more. I will give you new and fresh ideas to make this event the best auction you have ever had.

Benefit Auctioneer = Successful Benefit Auction

I have the answers. Please do not waste your time and money. There is too much riding on the success of your event. Do not leave it to chance. Do not entrust the most important night of your organizations year in the hands of a volunteer auctioneer. Do not waste your energy. Invest not only in your event and your cause but invest in yourself. Because this will be the best investment you can possibly make and the rewards will be greater than ever imagined.

Zack Krone (BAS)
President and Founder of California Coast Auctions.