Orange County Benefit Auctioneer | Successful Action and Chairs

Orange County Benefit Auctioneer

Orange County Benefit Auctioneer

I Zack Krone of California Coast auctions firmly believe that the goal of the client is of the utmost importance. As an top Orange County Benefit Auctioneer or auctioneer in general, it is in your job description to protect the interest of the seller (client) and make them as much money as possible.

The trade and profession of an auction goes far beyond a bid call. I pride myself on being with the client of a benefit and charity auction every step of the way. Helping them set up the event with everything from the placement of the bar and the photo booth, consulting on all matters of Audio visual, table arrangement, where to list the auction items in the program…you name it.

The goals of the clients are always put first. Whether an auction is the main event or the accoutrement it must be known by all parties if the goal of the event is to entertain or to raise money. If the goal to raise money is not the main purpose or priority of the evening then a golden opportunity was wasted. But if the goal is indeed to raise as much money as possible then there are several methods by which an auctioneer works to ensure that this goal can and will be attained.


I am not going to tell you everything. What I will tell you is that in order to have a successful auction you must make the guests comfortable. The first step to achieving that is the absolute necessity for chairs.

The average adult will not stand still for more than two minutes before they become restless and find a reason to walk elsewhere or seek refuge in a chair.

A chair for every person. Without chairs you will not have a successful auction. Time after time I suggest chairs to my clients as a vital and necessary tool to a successful auction. Name one major event where people gather where chairs or a place to sit down are not available? We do not want our guests standing during the auction. Standing = Moving. Moving = Talking. Talking = Not paying attention. Not paying attention = no bidding. No Bidding  = less money.

The guest must be comfortable and without an option to sit down they will not be comfortable…they will be irritated and very rarely will an irritated guest bid on a live auction or even pay close attention to the auction.

Chairs provide a calm and captive audience. With chairs facing the stage they are put in a stationary position. If the guest are forced to stand they WILL walk around, they will mingle and talk which is the last thing an event organizers wants. You want every guest paying close attention to the auction and to keep them bidding. The auctioneer does everything in their power to retain the attention of the guests and keep them entertained. But a competing noise level will detour even the most attentive guest and rob the room of the energy and momentum an auction should have. If they can’t sit they think about refilling their glass, finding a seat in the lobby, playing on their phone talking to friends or co-worker and worst of all: leaving the event entirely. people are people whether they are in a formal attire or blue jeans. Even the most informal of events should have chairs. People are comfortable sitting down,

A comfortable guest is a bidding guest. An attentive guest is a bidding guest. A guest that can hear is a bidding guest.

Give em chairs!

Zack Krone (BAS)

Orange County Benefit auctioneer
President and Founder of California Coast Auctions.